Improve Your Energy Project by Working with Our Consultants in Westminster, London

Working with commercial businesses, energy suppliers, and government agencies, Alps Hightech Limited provides expert energy consultancy and energy training. Based in Westminster, London, our team specialises in advancing the  energy industries. This is achieved through consultancy, training, investment, and promotion.

Investing and Promoting

As part of our work in the energy sector, we intend to invest in and promote advanced technology projects. This encompasses energy efficiency improvement projects for the whole power value chain, including supply- and demand-side optimisation, new appliance and instrument application, and marketing and trading. Additionally, we are looking into environmental protection projects, such as:

  • Polluted Water and Soil Treatment
  • Atmosphere Pollution Monitoring and Treatment
  • Intelligent Anta Application
  • Offshore Resources Exploration and Development Projects

Merging and Acquisition

Our highly experienced, professional team possess strong connections and seamless cooperation with top universities, research institutes, and major energy companies in Europe. We aim to work together with our partners to acquire market opportunities through joint investment, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and promotion.

Training and Consulting

Alps Hightech Limited possesses a professional team of experts in the energy and power markets with solid theoretical foundations and rich practical operational experience in:

  • Market Evolvement
  • Law and Regulation
  • Supervision and Risk Management
  • Operation and Running of the European Power Business

Our company has customised professional training courses for governmental agencies, industry regulatory departments, energy companies, and executive officers, as well as market participants. These courses have been developed in an effort to cultivate the development of energy markets, and to ensure prudent operations within the energy and power industries through intellectual support.

Contact us now, in Westminster, London, to receive more information about energy consulting and energy training.